The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway

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Alton Station on the North Staffordshire line between Cheddleton and Burton-on-Trent 20/06/2014
Alton Station is a very well preserved site, only the down side buildings are missing, the line is a public bridleway from here to Oakamoor and south to Denstone 20/06/2014
Alton Station. My trusty bike rests against the ramp. 20/06/2014
Alton Station 20/06/2014
Alton Station 20/06/2014
Alton Station 20/06/2014
Overbridge on the approach to Oakamoor Station 20/06/2014
Oakamoor Station looking towards Alton 20/06/2014
Eastern portal of Oakamoor Tunnel 20/06/2014
Crossing keepers cottage at Oakamoor, the Tunnel can just be glimpsed through the undergrowth. Since this shot was taken the undergrowth has been cleared, although to what purpose I don't know. 20/06/2014
River crossing near Alton 20/06/2014
Denstone Station looking East, the bridleway ends here at the site of the level crossing. 20/06/2014
After cycling to Oakamoor and then to Denstone this is a final view of Alton Station from the road. 20/06/2014
While travelling south to my main destination at Wellingborough, I stopped off to cycle a short stretch of the Great Central into Leicester. Here is the sad site of the Bowstring Bridge over the River Soar, that was demolished the other year to make way for the expanding university 20/06/2014
Looking south from the above picture, the approach arches are quite intact 20/06/2014
The view on the trackbed of the above shot looking north. 20/06/2014
Great Central Viaduct over the River Soar near Ayleston 20/06/2014
Great Central Viaduct near Ayleston 20/06/2014
An alternative design for a river crossing at Aylestone 20/06/2014
Detail of the underneath of the Great Central bridge near Aylestone 20/06/2014
Brampton Halt pub at Brampton Station on the Northampton and Lamport Railway, I am not sure how much the pub was to do with the railway, possibly it has always been an Inn, or it could have been the Stationmaster's house. 20/06/2014
Looking north at Pitsford and Brampton Station on the London and North Western Northampton-Market Harborough line.20/06/2014
Pitsford Sidings Signal Box. The Northampton and Lamport railway are well supplied with Signal Boxes, I counted at least five, with three being at Brampton Station. Unfortunately I don't know much about their origins. 20/06/2014
Pitsford Sidings Signal Box, this is obviously a genuine LNWR Box, and is very well presented. 20/06/2014
Boughton Crossing Signal Box on the Northampton and Lamport Railway. The top certainly looks genuine but I suspect it has been moved here onto a new base, very nicely done. 20/06/2014
Long forgotten footbridge near Spratton looking towards Market Harborough 20/06/2014
Substantial river crossing near Segebrook looking towards Market Harborough. 20/06/2014
Spratton Signal Box at Brampton Station, ever so slightly confusing. 20/06/2014
Lookin south at Pitsford and Brampton Station, the railway quite happily shares the formation from here to near Boughton with a Bridleway. 20/06/2014
A Midland Signal Box at Pitsford and Brampton Station. 20/06/2014
Pitsford and Brampton Signal Box. This is obviously genuine LNWR and it looks like it could be on the site of the original. 20/06/2014
The next day I cycled the LNWR Wellinborough-Peterbrough route as far as Thrapston. This bridge near Addington is one of several substantial structures over the River Nene. 21/06/2014
Looking towards Thrapston at Denford 21/06/2014
On the appraoch to Thrapston, this is the Midland Railway Viaduct over the River Nene, the LNWR branch bisects the Midland just off picture to the left. 21/06/2014
Denford crossing of the River Nene, south of Thrapston. 21/06/2014
Near Irthlingborough this looks like a temporary bridge that has been erected since the line closed, that has now become permanent, it is on the site of the original railway bridge. 21/06/2014
Just north of the previous shot, this is the A6
Overbridge. 21/06/2014
While in the area I paid a visit to Rushden Station, which was on the short Midland Railway branch from Wellingborough to Higham Ferrers. 21/06/2014
Rushden Signal Box. The site is now a museum with a short stretch of running line, and is well worth a visit. 21/06/2014
Rushden Station looking towards Wellingborough. 21/06/2014
Looking up the steeply graded Higham Ferrers branch towards Rushden. 21/06/2014
Looking down the Higham Ferrers Branch
Rushden Goods Shed, under threat of demolition. 21/06/2014
Looking East towards Rushden Station.
Higham Ferrers Branch Underbridge, near the junction with the main line. 21/06/2014
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